• There are ongoing serious threats for all organizations and that intellectual property, proprietary processes, compliance efforts, customer data and even financial records are at risk.
  • Companies that thrive take the necessary steps to protect their business.
  • EXIT 123C  has the solutions and people to deliver security visibility, prevent costly downtime, and achieve and maintain compliant operations at a lower cost to operate.


Safeguarding users, data and networks against insider threats and outside attackers, in the cloud, on the road, in the office: Security for Cloud; Content Security; Network Security, Web Filtering, Insider Threat Data Protection, Compliance, Multilevel Security, Email Security: ForcePoint


Today companies are focusing on securing their organization from threats that exist outside the perimeter of their network by using firewalls and IDS/IPS systems, or relying on endpoint technologies to secure endpoints and block malware.


   NetSHIELD from Snoopwall is a next generation network and mobility access control solution that delivers critical functionality to the security value chain. Gain visibility and control over your trusted and un-trusted network assets through dynamic control of fixed, mobile and virtual endpoints.