• Choice of Solid State, Spinning Disk or a combination of storage offerings.
  • Looking for density, performance, tierring or data aware storage?
  • We can guide you as to the products that we are well versed with; SAN, NAS with numerous connectivity offerings.

Nexsan Unity

Nexsan Unity, sets the new standard for Hyper-Unified Storage. It starts as scalable, flexible unified storage. It lets you mix-and-match high-performance flash with inexpensive hard disks and it lets you mix block storage for VMware, databases or Exchange with file storage for home directories and sharing.


Includes a full private-cloud infrastructure at no additional cost.


Unity includes a plug-and-play ability to sync files in real-time across any number of disparate locations with secure communication across standard internet connections.


Unity replaces the growing and dangerous user adoption of cloud-sharing products like Dropbox and Box by delivering similar functionality completely under the control of IT.

Nexsan E-Series

Nexsan E-Series, designed to process heavy workloads with demanding applications, it’s high performance, capacity, density, reliability, and ease of management make it fit environments where others fail.


E-Series was designed to run in the most challenging of environments. The E-Series and its block storage predecessors (Beast) are true workhorses, lasting for years beyond their standard warranties.

Caringo  - Object Storage

Offload primary storage to the Caringo Swarm and cut cost


Active - Archive

Bi Data

Overland Storage SnapServer

SnapServer® Family

Network Attached Storage

Simple, expandable enterprise storage for high-performance resilient environment. With block and file level access, the SnapServer XSR120 lets your storage grow seamlessly as capacity needs change and protect your data. SnapServer GuardianOS includes DynamicRAID for seamless storage expansion by adding or replacing hard drives as capacity requirements change.


All SnapServer storage volumes can grow or shrink dynamically within the storage pool without IT intervention, preventing costly provisioning errors and unnecessary upgrades. GuardianOS includes additional data protection features such as high performance snapshots, continuous encrypted replication (Snap ECR™), heterogeneous replication with cross-platform compatibility with Windows, Linux, UNIX and Macintosh systems (Snap EDR™), and direct backup to RDX.

  • Expandable, Secure Unified Storage
  • Disaster Recovery and Replication
  • Backup and Archiving
  • Enterprise File Sync and Share